Halloween Frightful Food

Undoubtedly, Halloween is the perfect excuse for that all-out full-on fancy dress party. Dressed as a vampire, mummy, ghost or even a pumpkin with the venue whether home or hall decorated with hundreds of cobwebs, spooky sounds echoing throughout the walls but something crucial is missing – food and drink!

It can be a little overwhelming thinking of what food and drink to serve, especially as you want it to look as disgusting as it is delicious. We are going to give you lots of ideas and inspiration that will leave your gruesome guests well fed and suitably impressed.

I have been searching for recipes and pictures that have caught my eye, so feast your eyes on these and give them a go.  Please do post your pictures onto my social media pages for all to admire.

This is one of my favourite sights at a Halloween party or even at home for a themed dinner. The first link has the recipe and instructions for this monstrous centre piece along with lots of other food ideas.

Party Bag Online - Halloween Monster


Emma’s Top Tip Alert

Supermarkets have their free booklets available in store which are packed with lots of ideas for everything Halloween. Their recipes look devilishly delightful too!







Don’t forget your demon drinks too.

The witches brew from all recipes below looks fangtastically fun.


Bloodshot Halloween Drink for Kids

Remember your Halloween Party Bags too, some great bags full of ‘hallowscreamy’ items to bring out the little monsters in your little monsters!

PartyBagOnline Halloween Standard Party Bag


PartyBagOnline Halloween Cotton Party Bag


PartyBagOnline Cotton Bag Halloween Short Handle

Eat eyeballs, drink blood and have fun!!!