PartyBagOnline – Inspired Beginnings

Hi, I am Emma.  I am a mum of two children and now a very excited new business owner of PartyBagOnline.

As a busy working mum when my children were younger, I struggled year after year with the whole party bag thing for their birthday gatherings.  I would run (literally, before the parking expired) from shop to shop trying to find some inspiration for these gifts.  Hugely stressful and normally resulted in panic buying.

The highlight of any child’s party is at the end when they excitedly reach into those gift bags to retrieve their ‘thank you for coming to my party’ gifts.  Traditionally, the excitement never lasted for long though.  My children would come home with a plastic loot bag with a few cheap toys that either don’t work very well, break after one play or simply end up in the bin and packets of sweets to bulk out the bag.  My son doesn’t eat sweets and my daughter had already consumed enough sugar at the party to see her through the week, so, like many of you I am sure (come on and be honest), I would usually eat the sweet offerings.

I would love to put an end to the wasteful tradition by delivering practical, fun and original party bags.  The beginnings of Party Bag Online started around Christmastime 2017 and I am extremely proud of what I can offer with so much more to come. If you do prefer the traditional plastic cheaper filler alternatives, there are plenty of other retailers that can assist you with this.

Party Bag Online is your one stop shop for those party bags which are made up of simply great stuff.  Delivered to your door.  No candy, no sweets, no chocolate.

It’s all about what is inside the party bag that matters.  My young and helpful advisors – aged between 5 and 11 – have told me that they would prefer items in the bag that they can collect, play or build time after time and toys that are trendy.

The party bag itself is usually discarded as soon as those little hands have extracted all the goodies from inside. The fancy themed and beautifully decorated bags are lovely to look at, but this is all about what the kids want from inside that bag.

I have chosen a party bag that is forest friendly and fully recyclable.

The gifts are original, highly entertaining and practical. Most of the items haven’t been seen in party bags before and they certainly hit the ‘trendy and collectable’ brief.

Step away from the stress, the parking nightmares, the panic and headache of party bag filling, and let Party Bag Online do it for you.

I would love to hear any new ideas, thoughts and reviews of the bags, so please keep in touch and share these.

Sit back, shoulders dropped and enjoy.

Party Bag Online.

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Why is Party Bag Online different to other party bag suppliers?

  • Easy to order
  • No candy, sweets or chocolate
  • Fun, trendy, collectable and imaginative quality gifts that will be played with time and time again
  • Selected branded products
  • Gifts not seen in party bags before
  • Keeping up with the latest must-have products
  • Sustainable recyclable party bags – no plastic loot bags
  • The WOW factor from your younger guests

*minimum order of 10 bags